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5 Home Remedies to Lighten Knees and Elbows | Dark Knees & Elbows

Home Remedies to Lighten Knees and Elbows. Everyone wants the picture perfect body. We all want even toned skin, toned limbs, beautiful hair, hairless legs, etc. The sad part is that not all of us have these beautiful features and the even sadder part is that most of us cannot even attain it. Why? The reason is that most of these beauty standards are simply unattainable. They continue to be a fantasy for most of us. One of these beauty standards that most women wish to achieve is lighter knees and elbows. These are unattainable to a certain degree however not completely. It is possible to have lighter knees and elbows by using several home remedies.

Most of these remedies use ingredients that have natural bleaching agents in them which might react to your skin. So please patch test all of the ingredients before you continue to use them on your joints. It is also essential to remember that it is completely natural to have knees and elbows darker than the rest of your body. Your knees and elbows do not really deduct anything from your beauty. Now that we have got all of that out if the way let us begin with the home remedies to lighten knees and elbows.

5 Home Remedies to Lighten Knees and Elbows  Dark Knees & Elbows
5 Home Remedies to Lighten Knees and Elbows Dark Knees & Elbows

5 Home Remedies to Lighten Knees and Elbows

LemonRemove Dark Knees and Elbows

Lemon has been used for centuries as a bleaching agent. It is an important ingredient in a lot of DIY fairness recipes and it can also help in lightening the skin around your elbows and knees. It works because of its citric acid content. Acid of any kind lightens surfaces. This is why Lemon lightens skin. It is however important to note that lemon has very weak acid that needs to be used repeatedly in order to work. While this means that your desired affects might come late it also means that lemon will not end up damaging your skin as much as other products. The reason why market bought bleach hurts your skin is because it is a very strong bleach.

If you want to use lemon to lighten your skin and elbows all you need to do is take half a lemon and rub it on your elbows and knees for fifteen minutes. Leave it as it is for at least fifteen minutes and at maximum however long you want then wash it off whenever you feel like and your work is done. If you keep doing this everyday you will see the results in a week or so. If you want you can also add sugar to the recipe and this will make it even more potent. Just put a little bit of sugar on half a lemon and rub.

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CucumberRemove Dark Knees and Elbows

Cucumbers are a natural moisturizing and cooling agent. They also help you recover from suntan. They are really great for your skin and your body and they gave next to no side effects. A cucumber does not burn or irritate your skin and it actually does quite the opposite. It cools down your skin and helps the cells regenerate. If you are allergic to lemon and/ or you cannot use them for any reason you can definitely use cucumbers. There is a high chance that you will not be allergic to cucumbers because very few people are actually allergic to them.

You can use cucumber the same way you would use the lemon. Just a cut a slice and rub rub rub. Other than this you can also use cucumber to dilute lemon. Just mix lemon juice and cucumber juice in equal parts. You can apply this mixture using a cotton pad or ball or you can freeze the mixture into ice cubes and rub those ice cubes on yourself.

AloeveraRemove Dark Knees and Elbows

Aloevera is a great ingredient as well. It is highly moisturizing and it has elements that help combat sun damage. This can be very handy when it comes to lightening your elbows and knees. A very easy way to use the gel is to just apply it to the affected areas and forget about it. Since the Aloevera gel is very light you will not even realise that you have it on and you can leave it on all day if you like.

Keep reapplying the gel whenever you feel like it. This shows affects in seven to ten days and it is just as effective as any other method on the list. You can use this mixed with equal parts honey and lemon juice as well. This works because it keeps your knees and elbows moisturized. Lack of moisture is one of the main reasons why knees and elbows get dark.

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Sugar and olive oilRemove Dark Knees and Elbows

Another way to lighten your elbows and knees is to scrub them regularly. To make a scrub that is inexpensive and natural all you need it olive oil and sugar. Just take a spoonful of sugar and add olive oil to bring it up to the desired consistency. It is a highly moisturizing scrub that will help scrub off any dead skin cells on your body and it will also mean that you are moisturizing your skin while you scrub. This will not even strip your skin of the extra moisture and instead only add more moisture to it. The vitamin E in olive oil will lighten the skin as well. It is essential that you do not scrub too hard. Otherwise it will cause micro tears in your skin and that will do more harm than good.

PotatoesRemove Dark Knees and Elbows

Potatoes are not just amazing in taste they are also amazing for your skin. The vegetable is rich in catecholase enzymes that are great lightening agents. This can help you a lot in lightening your joints. The enzymes reverse sun damage and are great for people who are constantly out playing or working. The method to use this is the same as using a cucumber or lemon. Just slice the potato and rub it on your joints. Then leave it like that for fifteen minutes or more and wash it off. The method should start showing results in a week or two.

Final Word

All of these methods are subjective which means that they may work differently on different people. You should be patient with these methods for a week or two and then continue with them then if they work for you. Your knees and elbows and discoloration on any part of your body is completely genetic and that is why you might not be able to lighten them. However you also do not need to lighten them if you cannot. They are completely fine and do not take away from your beauty in the slightest bit. Home Remedies to Lighten Knees and Elbows.