In general many people suffering from gas problems. Stomach bloating, chest pain, gas discharge .. and some other problems also. Our bodies are affected by some kind of foods we choose. The healthier the choice of foods, the healthier will be our bodies. Bad food choices lead to gas like bloating, belching and burping can affect anyone, affecting your work, health, and personal life. In our previous post, we already discuss obesity, weight loss. In this post, we are discussing gas problems.

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The causes of Gastric Problem:

  1. Eating too fast and too much.
  2. Overeating of food.
  3. Spicy and fried foods.
  4. Poor digestion also main cause of gas.
  5. Low fiber contents in our diet
  6. Gas is created certain types of foods and aerated drinks, greasy foods.
  7. Lack of exercises.
  8. Caffeine and alcohol.

There are many ways to describe excessive gas in our body:
Burping: Usually, refer to gas that escapes from the mouth.
Belching: This also escapes from the mouth.
Flatulence: It is intestinal gas that escapes from the rectum.
Bloating: It is a sensation of excess stomach gas that has not yet been released.the feeling of food is too heavy.

The main reason for this gas problem is not taking food at the correct time. The problem of constipation, intestinal obesity, diabetes, stomach ulcers, many times fasting, excessive alcohol consumption, and smokers are affected by these problems., In our kitchen, we have some solutions available.

So we have to follow some tips to avoid Gastric Problem:

  1. Take one glass of lukewarm milk and add cinnamon and honey of 1 teaspoon to avoid gas problems.
  2. Boil mint leaves in hot water and takes with 1 teaspoon of honey to resolve the gas problem.
  3. After lunch you take a 2 teaspoon of ajma and the little bit of salt, you can get immediate relief from the gas problem.
  4. If you take jeera and ajma in hot water then filter and take it to resolve gas problems.