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All of us desire a slim, sculpted, and beautiful body but sadly not all of us have this body. Now yes controlling our diet and working out regularly will help us achieve this diet but honestly, who has the time. Most of us are busy in our jobs, household chores, etc. and do not find the time for ourselves. It is indeed a sad affair. We can however not it stop us. Our culture has had various ways to deal with our beauty problems and thankfully we can turn to them in our times of need. So if you have an event coming up and you want to wear that saree you bought but never wore because of your belly keep on reading.

Baby Oil and Camphor for Belly Fat Reviews and Side Effects Natural Health Visit

How to make camphor and baby oil:

This all natural remedy requires only two ingredients and is very easy to incorporate in your daily routine. All you need is camphor and baby oil and et voila your magic solution is ready after that you need your two hands to massage the mixture on your belly.

Take one to two tablets of camphor and put it in baby oil or any oil of your choice then leave it overnight so that the camphor can mix with oil. After this massage the oil onto your tummy every night before going to sleep. It will show results in a few months. If you are already on a diet or exercise this will speed up the results. It is important to remember that no remedy works overnight and patience is of virtue.

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Baby Oil and Camphor Side Effects:

Camphor is an all-natural substance and so is oil and that is what makes this remedy so great.  This recipe will never have a reaction with your skin and will not lead to any side-effects whatsoever. However other remedies available in the market are laden with chemicals and can hence have a whole hoard of side-effects.

Baby Oil and Camphor for Belly Fat Reviews:

Camphor is also a known to have an anti-septic effect. It is also known to have a great effect on your skin. If you don’t want to wait for that long, then a good alternative for you is to buy camphor essential oil and put five to six drops of this oil in any other oil of your choice. Shake the mixture well and you will have your camphor oil ready. This will have the same effect as the oil made by leaving camphor in oil overnight. Please do not rub the camphor essential oil directly on your skin because it is very concentrated.

You can also add this mixture to sea salt and use it as a scrub to have smooth skin. Camphor effectively burns cellulite and hence the scrub can help like that as well. This oil can also be used for a full body massage and that will help you reduce cellulite from all areas of your body. Only thing you need to keep in mind to use camphor and not naphthalene because the latter would not have the same effect but still there are various videos on YouTube using naphthalene balls instead of camphor.

Keep these simple things in mind and start on your journey towards a slimmer body.

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