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6 Natural Beard Oils and Tips to Increase Beard | Home Remedies

It is believed that men who have thick beards have more testosterone, but in fact, the same amount of testosterone is found in all men. Natural Beard Oils and Tips to Increase Beard.

According to science, growing your beard depends on your genes. If the genes in your body react rapidly to the production of testosterone, then your beard grows rapidly. However, some such oils are also present which have proved to be effective in facial hair growth. Oils such as Peppermint, Jojoba, Argon, etc. not only help in your beard growth, but also help in healing various problems related to your beard such as itching, dryness, and sensitive skin.

If you do not like cosmetics beer oil, then these 6 natural oils are a better option for you.

Natural Oils and Tips to Increase Beard

Amala Oil to Increase Beard

Amala Oil to Increase Beard
Amala Oil to Increase Beard

You can get Amala oil easily. Also, it has been in use for a long time. The credibility of the people remains intact even today. Hair experts believe that gooseberry is very useful for fast shaving.

To increase and thicken the hair of the beard, massage it with amala oil for fifteen minutes every day and after that wash the face with normal water. It is said that blood circulation is better when you massage the face so that the beard gets the necessary nutrition to grow easily.

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Sunflower Oil to Increase Beard

Sunflower Oil to Increase Beard
Sunflower Oil to Increase Beard

It is also known by the name of sunflower oil in Hindi. It is used in cooking as well as in cosmetic formulations and also contains Vitamin E which is beneficial for growing beard hair.

Sunflower oil can protect your skin better from sun damage, as well as reduce the signs of aging. This oil is prepared from extracts of sunflower seeds.

This oil reduces pimples and also works to keep the skin healthy. Sunflower oil is the most produced in Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Argentina, and Sweden besides India. It was first cultivated in America. You can use it like amala oil.

Rice Bran Oil to Increase Beard

3. Rice Bran Oil to Increase Beard
3. Rice Bran Oil to Increase Beard

Rice bran oil is an increasingly popular vegetable oil. It has many advantages. Rice bran oil is similar to peanut oil.

Vitamin E, balanced fatty acids, antioxidants are found in this oil. For this reason, it is also considered beneficial for growing a beard.

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Peppermint Oil to Increase Beard

4. Peppermint Oil to Increase Beard
4. Peppermint Oil to Increase Beard

Peppermint oil is considered to be effective for not only improving and enhancing hair but also for many purposes. By applying this oil, your hair grows faster. Peppermint oil is nothing less like Argan oil and castor oil to enhance the face.

Today, this oil is increasingly used for cosmetics. If you want to keep a big beard, then this oil will not only grow your beard hair but also prevents infection.

Avocado Oil to Increase Beard

5. Avocado Oil to Increase Beard
5. Avocado Oil to Increase Beard

This oil is extracted from avocado fruit. It is a cooking and medicinal oil used. This oil is also increasingly used in cosmetic products. Especially, it is being used to increase hair.

Castor Oil to Increase Beard

6. Castor Oil to Increase Beard
6. Castor Oil to Increase Beard

Castor oil is not less than a panacea for hair. If your hair is deteriorating or getting weaker then it can prove to be beneficial. The use of castor oil to make hair strong and beautiful has been going on since old times. Castor oil/castor oil is considered most effective for beard growers.

Experts say that this oil gives the body monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Apart from this, vitamin A, thiamine, folate, and riboflavin are found in avocado oil. This fruit was first cultivated in Mexico.

By the way what oil do you use to grow a beard? If my article does not mention that oil, then definitely comment it out. Also, if my story has proved beneficial for you, then tell it.

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So, Now let’s Talk about the Tips to Increase Beard: – Natural Beard Oils and Tips to Increase Beard

Your diet should be good

Whatever you eat today will have a direct effect on your body, i.e. your beard. So, include vitamin B in your regular diet. Vitamins B1, B6, and B12 also help to grow hair quickly.

Take vitamin

Dead skin cells will encourage the growth of new hair. If you want, you can also try a good exfoliator mask designed for men’s skin. Include vitamin B in your diet and beauty products.

Do massage twice a week

Massage also affects the growth of the beard. To nourish the beard and help it grow faster, you need to massage the face with some oil. This improves blood circulation. You can massage with gooseberry, olive, and coconut oil.

Change Your Lifestyle

Protein provides nutritious elements to the body that grow more hair and sleep is important because at this time nutritious elements do their work. Also, drinking 7-8 glasses of water a day also helps in the growth of thick and healthy hair. Also, try to be stress-free to prevent hair fall.

Build a distance from smoking

Build a distance from smoking

If you smoke, it may be difficult to fulfill your dream of a thick beard and mustache. Because it also has an effect on your facial growth. Doctors suggest that the nicotine present in cigarettes prevents the body from absorbing nutrients and also reduces blood circulation. That means smoking causes hair loss.

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Allow hair to grow

In the beginning, beard hair will look incomplete and poorly made. As the hair grows older, gradually growing phallic will get time to grow their own hair. In such a situation, the empty space between the hairs will hide itself, so be patient and allow your beard to grow and grow.


Once your beard grows, it is also important to keep it in top condition. This will not require you to trim. Castor oil is considered to be an excellent conditioning treatment, which will enhance the hair as well as move your beard in the right direction. Apart from this, olive oil, coconut oil, and peppermint oil are also considered good for nourishing beard hair.

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