Nature is filled with beautiful, magical things. It has a solution for almost every one of our problems, all one needs to do is look. For years our grandmas and their mothers have noted down the special qualities of several fruits, seeds, branches, herbs, and leaves. They also formulated remedies for us to use to our benefit and for generations, these remedies have proved to be effective in all situations. Sadly, with time we have moved away from these remedies towards modern formulae which are often laden with chemicals. While modern technology in skincare is indeed a gift we should at the same time stay connected to simpler methods that have passed the test of time.

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Guava is a versatile fruit. It has almost every vitamin and mineral imaginable out there. Guava has very little sugar in it and has absolutely no carbs. It is low in cholesterol and is also a natural appetite suppressant. It is known as a super fruit. One guava has only 14 grams of carbohydrates in it and even the fat is a healthy kind that supports your brain and nerve functions. One guava has vitamin c equivalent to four oranges.

Health Benefits of Drinking Guava Leaves Tea

While the fruit itself is so nutritious the leaves have some properties which helps it act like a natural carb blocker. That means that consuming a tea made of these leaves will stop carbohydrates from breaking down and turning into sugar. The tea can also help you fight insulin resistant conditions like type two diabetes. The leaves also have anti-septic qualities which can help prevent you from breaking out. There are several ways to use guava leaf tea as a weight loss solution. Remember that some methods may take more time than others but with consistency they will all work.

How To Prepare Guava Leaves Tea For Weight Loss

Get some guava leaves and let them boil for at least fifteen to twenty minutes in plain water. After you have booked it add honey or salt and pepper to it as per your taste. Once the concoction is prepared let it cool and then store it in your fridge if you have created a lot of it. If you have created only a small amount, then drink it as it is. The concoction works best if you have it early in the morning on an empty stomach that way it works through the day to prevent your carbs from breaking down and helps you suppress your appetite.

You can also boil it along with any regular green tea and it will work with it as an anti-oxidant and will double its effects. You can get creative and add lemongrass and other things to the tea to make it taste better because by itself the taste is not very appealing.

How Long do I Take Guava Leaves to Lose Weight?

You will drink this tea Daily 3 times until you you’ve got a result. Once you’ll see any result, weekly 2 times is enough to drink.


Please keep in mind to clean the leaves before making the tea. Also remember to have patience the tea will not work in a day but with consistent use it will pay off.