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How do you Care for Your Tired Feet at Home | Relieve Tired Feet

Care Your Tired Feet at Home. You spend your entire day on your feet walking, running, standing, and it gets even worse if you work out regularly. Your feet spend a whole week being pushed by you and quite literally carrying you. This is why they give out quickly. This hard work takes a huge toll on them and it leads to the deterioration of their health. Your feet start cracking and getting blisters and they get sunburned and start looking positively terrible with time. They deserve better for being such faithful friends to you in every weather regardless of the number of hardships you face.

Care Your Tired Feet at Home
How do you Care for Your Tired Feet at Home Relieve Tired Feet

So how do you care for your tired feet at the end of a week? The answer is simple- with a pedicure. Pedicures are a great way to sit back and relax after a long week. It calms you down and gives your feet the treatment that they deserve. It breaths a new life into them and makes them look beautiful. However not everyone has the money for an expensive pedicure session every week. It can burn a huge hole in one’s pockets. Care Your Tired Feet at Home.

In such a scenario one is left only with the option of doing a pedicure themselves. It is completely possible to do so at home with the help of a few ingredients only.  Just follow the steps given below

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The first step in a pedicure is to cleanse your feet so as to prep you for the process ahead. A clean feet is the base you want to start with while you do anything with your feet. This will ensure that you don’t damage your feet in any way when the process progresses. You can do this with any soap you have and don’t pay attention to getting it squeaky clean because we will be cleaning it further. Just get the feet fairly clean.


You need to soak your feet as the next step to soften it so that they soften up while you progress further. You can just soak your feet in normal warm water but if you want all the benefits of the soak you can create a one that is specifically going to deep cleanse your feet and soften them up. To make this soak just add the juice of a whole lemon, three to four tablespoons of salt, and one teaspoon of any mild Shampoo to about 400 ml of lukewarm water. Leave your feet to soak in this mixture for about fifteen minutes to thirty minutes depending on the amount of time you have just make sure to take out your feet as soon as the water goes cold.

Once you take your feet out of this water then you can cut your nails to the shape you want because this is when they are at their softest. After this you can move on to the next step.

Cuticle Pushing

The next step is to push away and remove your cuticles. Cuticles are the dead cells that collect on top of your nails and this is the best time to remove them because your feet are still soft from the soak. All you need is an ice cream stick and you can start to gently push away any cuticles you might have. There are several YouTube videos on the process so you don’t need to worry about messing it up.

Pumice Stone

This is an essential step to make sure that you have soft heels and feet. This step is fairly simpler than all the last steps. Just take a pumice stone and rub it against the grain on your heels. This will remove the dead skin build-up that has formed on your heels. Don’t overdo this step because that will lead to you getting hurt.


Scrubbing your feet is important if you want to actually deep cleanse them. The first way to do this is to either take a foot brush or an old toothbrush and scrub your feet as soon as you take it out of soak and then wash away the dead skin. The other way is to use an actual scrub. To make a scrub for your feet you will need

  1. Salt 1 teaspoon
  2. Sugar 1 teaspoon
  3. Olive/ coconut/ any oil of your choice


  1. Mix the salt and sugar in a bowl.
  2. If you want grind the sugar to even finer pieces to make it easier to scrub with it or you could just use brown sugar.
  3. Add sufficient oil to make it into a paste.

Once this scrub is ready exfoliate your feet with it for at least about two minutes and make sure you’re doing this in the bathroom because this scrub can get messy. This should get you the results that you desire. Wash off the scrub and pat dry your skin and prepare for the next step.

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Pedicures are not just about pampering your feet they are also about making your feet look nice and an important part of that is shaping your nails. Just take a nail filer and shape your nails in the shape you would like but make sure you only move it in one direction because otherwise your nails get cross hatched and then they grow out and just break.

Foot Mask

This is an optional step but it’s a highly recommended one if you want to go that extra mile to moisturize your feet. All you really need for this step is a cellophane wrap and any body oil of your choice. You just put a heavy amount of the oil on your feet and then you cover your feet using cellophane paper and put socks on top of that. If you are going to be doing this step then it is ideal that you put this on and go to sleep because that will get you the maximum benefits of the oil. Otherwise leaving it on for fifteen twenty minutes also works. Once you’re done waiting just take off the cover and wash off the extra oil with plain water.

Paint your nails!

This marks the end of your pedicure process and now you can go on to paint your nails any color or design that you want. Just make sure you remove any extra oil from the top of your nail here because otherwise your nail polish will not last long. To remove extra oils just take a nail polish remover and rub that on your nails. After you’re done with that you’re good to go and you can paint your nails.

This process might seem too long but taking one day out for self care and catering to your body is really important if you spend the entire week working. This applies not just to your physical health but also to your mental health. On the weekend start a process of journaling or do things that you’ve not been able to find time for in the entire week. Let this be the time where you de-stress completely and give time just to yourself. You will find that you’ll start the next week feeling great if you take time out for yourself on weekends. It will make you feel re-energized and fresh. Care Your Tired Feet at Home.