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Who doesn’t love prawns? This amazing low calorie and unbelievably tasty seafood have something in it for everybody. It’s slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. It doesn’t have bones which ruin your eating experience.  It’s full of flavor and large in size which makes it truly a gem of a food. But did you know that prawns help you in losing weight? Well, they do and they are also good for your brain health. Eating prawns can help you both gain brains and lose fat only if you prepare the prawns properly in order to conserve its properties. So keep in mind to grill your prawns instead of frying them in oil.

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How does prawn help you lose weight?

Prawns are surprisingly low in calories 85 grams of cooked prawns contain around 101 calories. Which means it can fill you up without adding much to the already stored fat in your body. The same plate of prawns are rich in proteins and can give your body as much protein as lamb or chicken and has less than half the amount of fat. Proteins are key to weight loss because they take significantly longer to digest and hence keep you full for a longer time. They are also low on saturated fats and high in unsaturated fats which are great if you want a healthy heart. Unsaturated fats are healthy and essential for your body.

How to prepare prawns for weight loss?

Now that we know why prawns help us lose weight it is only natural that we discuss how do we use prawns to lose weight. It is a rule of thumb to not deep fry them as that can ruin all the nutrients in the prawns and also add to the fat content. So what do we do with prawns?


Please remember to check for allergies before beginning with any of the cooking methods mentioned below. Some people are violently allergic to prawns and can get to critical condition if they consume it. If you have gotten checked for allergies and you do not indeed have any proceed with the article.

Method 1- Poaching

Poaching prawns is a great way to conserve it’s nutrition and having it help aid your weight loss. Poaching is the technique of cooking something on a low temperature in water. This makes sure that the prawns cook slowly until they are ready to be eaten. This ensures that the nutrients are not destroyed by sudden and high heat as they would be if the prawns were fried. You can add spices, lemon, various vegetables, and herbs to the water so that the prawns may soak up all the flavor from them through the slow cooking method and end up tasting delicious while still preserving their flavor and goodness. A good dish to make using this technique is poached salmon with prawns. It tastes heavenly and is good for your health too.

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Method 2- Steaming

Steaming Prawns for Weight Loss

Steaming is the method of cooking something by keeping it over a pot of boiling water and letting it cook over the indirect heat from the steam. Steaming works beautifully for prawns because they are already soft and tender. So they cook easily when steamed as opposed to other meat. Steaming is also a slow cooking method which means that it cooks the prawns without overheating them over a short period of time and destroying all its nutritional content. Keep the shell on while cooking the prawns. This will protect prawns further from direct heat and will result in more tender and soft prawns. You can also steam the prawns with citrus juices and herbs to help it be more flavourful and tasty. A good dish to prepare using this method would be steamed prawn with garlic sauce.

Method 3- No cooking!

If it is a good thing to slow cook your prawns to preserve the goodness imagine how much better it would be to not cook them. By not cooking your prawns you will preserve every bit of goodness in them as it is and will consume them at the fullest. Now, of course, it is stupid to eat just raw prawns. So mix things up with lime juice, salt, pepper, and mangoes. Make a salad and enjoy.


Enjoy your prawns by cooking them using these methods and continue on your weight loss journey with healthy and tasty food. Happy eating!