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Human beings are social levels of thinking levels and feelings. Several studies, in turn, show a relationship between loneliness and mental/physical health problems. There is no surprise. Because loneliness is more susceptible to depression and we are often listening. our BMI is a number indicating the relationship between our weight and our height, the first step in diagnosing is obesity. If your BMI is 30 and higher, you are considered as obese. A BMI between 25 and 29.9 means you are overweight means obesity. Your BMI also helps you to assess your health risks associated with overweight or obese. This is called obesity.
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We have already learned in the articles that this depression may also cause a number of health conditions that can cause hormonal imbalance affecting metabolism.

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In another study now

It is the idea that loneliness is linked to loneliness. According to studies conducted by a group of researchers at Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea, Seoul, the study suggests that eating alone is indicative of the growing risk of metabolic syndrome in adults. That is the metabolic disadvantage. This has led to a gradual increase in blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

The band studied 7,725 adults who were eating alone leads to death. And a number of factors that are at risk of increasing the severity of men’s health problems (smoking, alcoholism, age, occupation, and exercise etc.)

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In fact, the study suggests that 45% of obesity and 64% of metabolism increases unbalanced accidents. Furthermore, men found that men were twice as likely to be more susceptible to foodgrains (29% indicated higher growth). According to a report published in the Journal called Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, this study is now crucial to integrating studies related to loneliness and mental/physical disorders.