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Health Benefits of Guinep Fruit | How to Eat Guinep | Quenepas

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Guinep is a fruit native to Jamaica. It's also known as Spanish Lime, Pink Berry, Skinip, and quinepa. It has green skin and pale pinkish peach flesh. It grows in huge bunches on a Mamoncillo Tree. There are numerous benefits of the fruit and even the leaves can be boiled and taken as a tea as it...

Amazing Health Benefits of Quenepas Fruit| Nutritional Values

Amazing Health Benefits of Quenepas | Nutritional Values | How to eat Quenepas fruit
DO YOU KNOW WHICH FRUIT HAS MOST BENEFICIAL NUTRITIONAL VALUES AVAILABLE: QUENEPAS What is Quenepas? Quenepas have several other names such as mammon, ginepa and Chenet etc, but it is widely known as Spanish lime. It is a rare fruit that is native to south and central America only. It...

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