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Good Home Remedies for Tooth Pain(Stop a Toothache Pain Relief)

Are you experiencing tooth pain? Are you scared of dentists? Are you looking for an easy at home fix for it? Well, then you came to the right place. In this article, we will discuss ten home remedies that should help you get rid of your tooth pain if it is not something extremely serious. If your tooth pain lasts for more than two days then go ahead woman up and book an Uber and go to a dentist because if it lasts more than two days then it could be a sign of a major disease and I am not going to tell you which one because I am not a dentist and neither are you and so neither of us should be diagnosing you.

The aim of this article is to help soothe the pain you have at the moment so that you can go to sleep or work or watch the bachelor in peace. However, before we begin please keep in mind to not use any of these remedies if they contain an element that you are allergic to because that will definitely cause an allergic reaction. Other than that none of the ingredients used here are inherently toxic. So with all of the instructions in mind let us get started.

Good Home Remedies for Tooth Pain(Stop a Toothache Relief)
Good Home Remedies for Tooth Pain(Stop a Toothache Pain Relief)

Home Remedies for Tooth Pain(Toothache Relief)

Salt and Water – Reduce Tooth Pain

The age of old salt and water remedy. Salt and water is an antiseptic mixture so when you use it to rinse your mouth it loosens up the food and debris stuck in your mouth. It also calms down any inflammation in your mouth that may exist for any reason. If you want to do this at home all you will need is half a teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water. Mix until the salt dissolves in the water. Once the mixture is ready to use it just like you would use a regular mouthwash. This should provide you instant relief.

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Cold Compress

If your toothache is caused by you hurting yourself because you fell or got into a fight then the salt water remedy might be a little too gentle for you what you need instead is a cold compress. All you will need to make a cold compress is a plastic bag, a towel, and lots of ice. Once you have all the ingredients all you need to do is put the ice in the polythene bag and secure it inside with a knot (you can skip this step if you are using a ziplock bag) next wrap a towel around the bag and keep it on the side of your face that hurts. This should provide you instant temporary relief. I would like to clarify that a cold compress or anything for that matter is not an absolute cure in such a case because they are all first aid measures to calm your pain. If you want to permanently fix the issue go to your dentist immediately.

Peppermint Tea Bags

Reduce Tooth Pain Peppermint Tea Bags
Reduce Tooth Pain Peppermint Tea Bags

Peppermint is a great ingredient if you want to numb your pain but you can struggle with using the ingredient directly. So a good substitute is using the peppermint tea bags. Just put the bags in hot water and take them out in two minutes and then allow the bags to cool down. However, do not let them go very cold the bags should still be warm to the touch when you use them. Put this on the affected area and this should warm it up and provide some relief. Alternatively, you could use the remedy to cool the affected area instead of warming it up for this simply put the tea bags in the freezer for ten minutes so that they are chilled. Then use it as you would use the warm tea bags.

Garlic – Reduce Tooth Pain

Garlic is very effective in killing the bacteria in your mouth that may cause dental plaque. They have been used for years due to their medicinal properties. Apart from these amazing benefits it also helps a lot in relieving pain. If you want to use garlic to relieve the toothache simply chew the garlic piece slowly so that it’s juiced help you deal with the pain. However please keep in mind that it can make your mouth stink a lot so to avoid that use a regular mouthwash as the next step.

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Vanilla Extract

This is a good alternative for the garlic and it does not stink. Vanilla extract has alcohol in it which has proven to numb pain so it can be extremely helpful in these situations. If you want to use this as a method to relieve pain then take a small amount on your fingertips and put this on the affected area multiple times throughout the day.

Clove Oil – Reduce Tooth Pain

Clove Oil - Reduce Tooth Pain
Clove Oil – Reduce Tooth Pain

Clove oil contains eugenol which is a natural antiseptic. Clove oil can also reduce inflammation this is why it has been used as a remedy for toothache for ages. If you want to use clove oil for your toothache make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil like olive oil first because it is too concentrated to be used on its own. The ratio of the dilution should be 1:1 so if there is one drop of clove oil in the mixture add a drop of carrier oil to it. Once the dilution is ready put it on a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area multiple times in a day. Another way to use clove oil is that you can add five to six drops of the oil to a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash.

Thyme Oil – Reduce Tooth Pain

Thyme Oil - Reduce Tooth Pain
Thyme Oil – Reduce Tooth Pain

If you do not have clove essential oil at home for some reason or you do not want to use it because you do not like the smell a good alternative to it is the thyme essential oil. The method to use the oil is identical to how you would use the clove oil. Just put some diluted thyme oil on a cotton ball and put it on your tooth or add a few drops to a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash. One other method is boiling the thyme leaves in a bowl of water so that they release the essential nutrients that help reduce the pain and use that as a mouthwash. You can use the last method for cloves as well.

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Guava Leaves – Reduce Tooth Pain

You can either use a mouthwash made of guava leaves or chew fresh ones to get rid of your toothache. Guava leaves have anti-microbial properties so they can help greatly in getting rid of tooth pain. If you want to make a mouthwash of guava leaves just tear up some leaves, crush them slightly and add them to warm water and let it brew for a few minutes. Once the mouthwash is ready to use it several times through a day to make the pain go away.

Change your Sleeping Position

Try sleeping with your head in an elevated position. If you are suddenly getting a toothache at night this remedy might help relieve some pain so you can fall asleep. When you sleep in this way what happens is the blood stops pooling in your head and hence that reduces the sensitivity of your teeth and reduces the pain. Please do not use this remedy if your doctor has advised you otherwise due to some other medical condition.

Honey – Reduce Tooth Pain

Honey has a lot of hydrogen peroxide content and can help treat infections. This is probably why it has been used since Aristotle’s time to treat infections. If you want to use honey for your tooth pain all you need to do is just dab some of it onto the affected area and make sure not to lick it away. If you do lick away the honey just put some more on.


Toothaches can be an indicator of something wrong with your oral so it is important to get them looked at by a dentist. A delay in doing so might have permanent consequences. That said if your toothache calms down due to these remedies in a day or two then it is probably not anything to worry about. Please also keep it in mind to not consume any acidic or spicy foods as they can aggravate the pain. Also, make sure that the ingredients in your home remedies are authentic and not shabby dupes because that can further aggravate your pain as well. Apart from this make sure to maintain a regular routine to take care of your teeth so that you do not develop any issues in the near future.