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Daily Diet for Good Health, You Need to Take 6 Foods

Experts say these six foods should be taken in the daily diet to stay healthy. To be Healthy, You Need to Take SIX 6 Ingredients. The first of this apple. The second one is almond, the third is lemon, dark chocolate, soybean, and garlic.

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Daily Diet Foods for Healthy:


Apple reduces LDL bad cholesterol in the body. There are plenty of anti-oxidants. Increasing life expectancy and avoiding cardiovascular and unhealthy problems.


Vitamin E in almonds, containing good fat almonds are should be taken in the daily diet to stay healthy. It contains iron, calcium, magnesium and pea ingredients. If you take three almonds a day, you will have good fat levels in your body.

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Lemon Juice:

Take one glass of lemon juice is good. It provides vitamin c for the body, Good fat also increases the HDL level. Lemon juice makes the bone firm. This inhibits the growth of citrus cancer cells.


Garlic in daily use increases the immune system and breaks the growth of cancer cells. Reduces bad cholesterol and strengthens the heart. In this Alicine controlled by high BP.

Dark Chocolate:

Take Dark chocolate daily, controlled high BP. Bleeding is done by taking two or three chocolates per week. Checks for anemia. control Type-2 diabetes


Daily taking half a cup of soybean can increase the immune system. you must take a soybean soup to control fatigue.