Vitamin E Capsules Side Effects. Vitamin E is the nutrient responsible for your skin and hair’s health and Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient responsible for fighting off bacteria, boosting the immune system, widening the blood vessels, and protecting the body from free radicals produced while we are exposed to sun and pollution. It is an essential nutrient but it is not produced by the body naturally that is why you need to take supplements of Vitamin E either in a pill or oil form or from natural sources. Vitamin E is present in a variety of plant-based foods. It is also important to remember that there’s a set dosage for everything including vitamin E.

Vitamin E Capsules Benefits, Side Effects, and Reviews
Vitamin E Capsules Benefits, Side Effects, and Reviews

In this article, we will discuss the uses and side effects of Vitamin E for our body and in a follow-up article, we will discuss the DIY’s we can do with Vitamin-E for better skin and hair.

Things to know before you start taking this medicine

  1. Vitamin E is not a magical fix for your hair and skin. There are a lot of factors that play an important role in our hair and skin health. It is important to remember that depending on a single product alone for everything is rather harmful.
  2. There are always risks attached to self-medication. You are not a doctor so stop prescribing yourself medicines. Even if you are it is highly unethical of you to self diagnose. Please only take medicine or supplement if it is approved by your physician in the dosage approved by your physician.
  3. If you have a pre-existing condition like anaemia, low red blood cell count, kidney problems, vitamin K deficiency, any allergies, high cholesterol or triglycerides (they are a sort of fat in your blood), cancer, history of cancer, history of stroke or blood clot, retinitis pigmentosa (it is an eye disorder), any bleeding or clotting disorder such as haemophilia; avoid Vitamin-E completely or only consume it if your doctor approves of the supplements. Vitamin E can be life threating in these situations.
  4. If you have had surgery recently only consume the supplement if your doctor has prescribed it. If your doctor has not prescribed or approved of you using Vitamin-E please stay away from the supplement. The very same applies to you if you are going to have surgery. Stay as far away from Vitamin-E as possible unless your doctor has explicitly given you permission. This could lead to serious complications in your surgery and can potentially kill you and taint the reputation of your doctor for no fault of his own.
  5. If you have been taking Vitamin-E before your procedure without knowing about the side effects or because you chose not to listen to your doctor when he advised you against it tell him that. Tell your doctor about any and all supplements you have been taking. This will help them formulate the best possible treatment for your care and it will help you receive safe treatment from them.
  6. If your pregnancy comes under the FDA category C consult your doctor before you take Vitamin-E for any reason. It has not still been proven that Vitamin-E supplements can harm you or your child but it is better not to take the chance. If you are nursing a baby consult your doctor before taking this supplement as well. It is not known as of yet if it passes into breast milk or not. It is highly possible that physicians only regulate the dosage in both of these cases and do not really stop you from taking the medication altogether.
  7. Consult with your doctor before you go on any other Vitamin or mineral supplement. The supplements can crash and they can react very badly to you. Always be on the safe side and consult your doctor before starting any new supplement.
  8. If you are on medication for some other condition make sure to consult with your doctor before you start Vitamin-E. A lot of drugs react to Vitamin-E and the results are not exactly pretty.
  9. If your medicine has been artificially sweetened check the label. Chances are that the medicine contains phenylalanine. It is an essential amino acid which is used to sweeten medicine. Excess phenylalanine can be very dangerous for humans. If you have phenylketonuria, a disorder in which phenylalanine levels in the body are already spiked up, consuming even more of the amino acid can result in some very severe issues. This has been linked to intellectual disabilities in people.

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Vitamin-E Dosage

Now that you know everything that you should keep in mind before getting Vitamin-E and have ascertained that this is the medication for you it is now time to understand how much of it should you be taking.

You should only consume the amount of Vitamin-E prescribed by your doctor. It is important to only follow a prescription given by a doctor considering the risks we discussed above.

Make sure that you are taking the exact recommended amount of medicine prescribed by the doctor. To assure that this is the amount measure the quantity of the medicine in the dosing syringe, dropper, spoon, or cap provided for this very purpose with the medicine. In case you have not been provided with any such thing ask your chemist to give you a dosage measuring device. The dosage for everyone differs according to their age. This is why you should not rely on the information on the label and only take the doses as prescribed by a medical professional. This will assure that the supplement works to its full potential.

If you miss a dose then do not worry and just take it whenever you remember to take it. Unless it is when it is the time for a second dose. In this case please do not take twice the amount of recommended dose to make up for the missed dose. That is dangerous.

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What is Vitamin -E useful for?

Vitamin-E deficiency

As might be apparent from the name itself Vitamin -E deficiency is the deficiency of Vitamin-E. This is a rare disorder present in newborns or in people with the vitamin-e deficient gene. This is fixed by taking a medically prescribed dosage of Vitamin-E on a regular basis. Vitamin-E deficiency can lead to some serious complications in the future.


This is again a rare genetic disorder. This is a movement disorder and it causes a vitamin-e deficiency in people. This too can be fixed by taking Vitamin E capsules as prescribed by a medical professional.

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Vitamin E Capsules Side Effects

Vitamin-E, like everything else, is safe in the recommended dosage i.e. 15 mg per day. Under this amount, Vitamin-E is very effective for a lot of diseases but if you consume too much Vitamin-E it can be dangerous for you. It is important to take proper precautions in its usage and to be well informed about the product. This will help you understand the medicine and its effects on your body. If you see any of these signs of side effects of Vitamin-E contact your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Diarrhoea is a common side effect of Vitamin-E overdose. It usually happens when you take more than four hundred milligrams of Vitamin-E.
  2. If you feel nauseated and feel like puking contact your doctor
  3. Vomiting.
  4. Stomach cramps.
  5. Feeling unusually tired and weak.
  6. Feeling lightheaded and dizzy. As if you are going to pass out.
  7. Actually passing out
  8. You may develop a mild rash due to the overdose.
  9. Bleeding or bruised gums
  10. Gums getting bruised rather easily and starting to bleed
  11. Headache

It is a great thing to take charge of your own health and look into supplements and vitamins to boost your overall health. It is even more wonderful to conduct research about the vitamins you may want to take. What is not great however is considering all of the information you have to be the only information. Remember that you are not a doctor and you cannot prescribe or avoid taking medication yourself. You need a doctor’s expertise and opinions. Please do not go off Vitamin-E even if your doctor has prescribed it to you just because you read about the side-effects on the internet. Please also do not disobey your doctor and continue taking Vitamin-E behind his back. The doctor has a reason why he prescribed something to you.

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If you feel like the medication is not working for you or if you feel like it is harming you have a discussion with your doctor about the dissatisfaction you feel. They can help you understand the reason why you feel this way. They can also modify their treatment plan so that you are more comfortable with the medication.

Remember to keep this medicine outside of the reach of children. Some of it is sweetened as we discussed before and it can be very harmful to them if they consume excessive amounts of the product.