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Women:How to Gain Weight before Marriage(Gaining Weight Before my Wedding)

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Gain Weight before Marriage. Every girl has one desire to lose weight and gain weight. Being thin and cute is good but skinny is an excessive condition. In your wedding day, you are an angle, not a teddy bear. But the basic goal is to maintain our body healthily and comparable. Gaining weight before marriage is important for every girl. There are many girls who are skinny by birth and no amount of junk-food or fat diet adds anything to their lean frame.

Women:How to Gain Weight before Marriage(Gaining Weight Before my Wedding)
Women:How to Gain Weight before Marriage(Gaining Weight Before my Wedding)

Some important points to gain weight:

  1. If you are really want to gain weight first to add more calories to your diet means at least 500-800 calories per day based on your body burn calories.
  2. Always keep healthy and nutritional food for who want to gain muscles instead of fat.
  3. To maintain your diet frequently. It means taking a meal at least every one hour.
  4. Good fats can help to gain go fats like monounsaturated fats and fish, olive oil and almonds, nuts.
  5. Stress can become a major part of losing or gaining every bride is stress- free and work out for maintaining your muscles. To control your stress better to go for yoga.
  6. Note down your measurements of which parts and gain daily basis.
  7. You should avoid weight loss exercises such as aerobic exercises, running, or bicycling, swimming.
  8. Light to medium weight exercises is better for muscles building, strong and healthy, strengthen.
  9. Sleeping is also a major part of weight gain, so take proper sleep.

How to Gain Weight in Healthy: Gain Weight before Marriage

Take more calories than before weight:

It means you eat more calories than your body needs. If you want to gain weight slowly go for 500 calories is sufficient according to your daily work. But you want to gain fast you need to take 700-1000 calories per day. This only for overall calculation. every human body is not the same, so you can maintain your calories according to your body and your work levels.

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Which food do you need to take?

Calories and Fat

Rice: 1 cup – 190 calories.
Banana: 100 grams – 89 calories.
Sweets: 100 grams – 353 calories.


Dark chocolate- 546 calories.


Pancakes – 227 calories.
Chocolate cake – 280 calories.
Biscuits – 353 calories.
Meat – 143 calories.
Almonds(22 nuts)- 163 calories

Take High Proteins

Protein helps us to the building of your muscles and healthy. Eating sufficient protein is required to gain muscle weight instead of fat. If You are really want to gain weight take high protein food.

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Lean meat – 26 grams
Flank steak- 28 grams
Eggs(boiled)- 13 grms

Dairy Products

Milk(100ml)- 3.4 grms
Yoghurt(100 ml)- 10 grms
Cheese(100 grms)- 25 grms
Panner(100 grms)- 23 grms


Sesame seeds(100 g) – 30 grms
Flax seeds (100 g)- 18 grms
Pumpkin seeds(100 g)-19 grms
Sunflower seeds(100 g)-21 grms
Soya beans(100 g)- 36 grms


Cashews(100 g)-18 grms
Walnuts(100 g)-15 grms
Pine nuts(100 g)-14 grms
Pista(100 g)-20 grms

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Take High Fiber Food

Fiber helps us to control blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. Increase digestion levels, so you can live longer and healthy. Fiber is more important for weight gain.


Apple – 2.40 grams
Apricot-2.00 grams
Banana-2.60 grams
Figs- 2.90 grams
Kiwi-3.0 grams
Pears-3.10 grams
Papaya-1.80 grams
Plum-1.40 grams


Carrot-2.6 grams
Celery-1.1 grams
Spinach-4.3 grams
Tomato-1.0 grams
Green beans-4.0 grams
Cabbage-4.2 grams
Broccoli-4.5 grams
Peas-8.8 grams
Sweet potato-4.9 grams

Take Energy Dense Foods

Energy-dense foods help us to maintain our energy and strength and these are perfect for weight gain also. The tastes of food are more important for the intake of our you can eat a lot and gain weight in your daily diet have nuts, dry vegetables, fruits, meat, grains, healthy fats, oils or must.

Final Word

Daily food intake is important but that much of calories is not good for make sure that extra calories go to our muscles instead of fat. every day workouts like gym and exercise or good for a healthy body. It’s very important to not lift heavy weights but improve your strength. This will help you to gain muscle instead of bad fat. And if you have any medical issues and other problems consult a doctor.